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Our Equipment & Classes 


The Pilates Cadillac is a raised mat table that includes metal poles, various wooden bar systems, and springs. The raised table allows for easy accessibility, and it includes a strap which assists with grounding your legs during certain exercises.

From left to right in the picture below there are leg springs, the roll down bar, fuzzy straps, the ballet bar, and the push through the bar. The legs springs can be used for supine or side lying leg exercises, as well as for supine and standing arm exercises. The roll down bar can be used for numerous exercises, which include the roll down with an added arm press and side bend, as well as chest expansion and thigh stretch. The fuzzy straps are used for inversions such as the half and full hang, which allow reverse blood flow to your brain. The ballet bar is classically used for the ballet stretches, and the breathing exercise. The push through bar can be used to stretch your legs, shoulders, and spine in numerous ways, and can be connected from the top or bottom of the Cadillac depending on the exercise.


This provides a full body workout but what it is great for is your core. The Pilates Tower is similar to the Cadillac, but it attaches to a wall, versus free standing. The Tower is ideal for smaller studios, as it does not take up as much space as the Cadillac. The Tower can be doubled as a Pilates Mat as well. A benefit of using a Tower is that it you can perform standing exercises on it such as standing arm springs and Russian squats.

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